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bikesSo here we are. I have spent the past 25 years in the commercial reforestation business. Each year I have worked with 50+ of our country's most motivated and hard working young people. What a privilege it has been!  Now it's time to move on with a dream that has been coming together over the course of my whole life. When I was younger (under 20) I bought and sold over 100 motorcycles with my dad. I worked with Victoria Honda and Harley-Davidson back then but gave it up as a job because I liked it too much as a hobby. This may have been a mistake as now my hobby has gone ballistic!!


The Project: I see motorcycles as pieces of art, much like a painting. I can sit and enjoy looking at them for hours. Each one is beautiful and unique in its own way. The Museum will be designed to display each motorcycle as a piece of art. It will hopefully motivate young people to dream and older people to remember their dream, this is my goal.

The Ongoing Story

July 2009

Well its been quite a month, on our holidays we came across a piece of commercial land that looks the propertylike it will work for our museum idea. We have been looking all over southern BC for the past 4 years. At first I thought the building would not work but after sleeping on it I got a picture in my head of how it could look and work. This is also a place that we think we could enjoy living and afford to buy (a big +). The only problem is we are not ready to move and can’t afford it yet. Guess we will see what happens.


May 2010
 Well the property is still for sale so we have put in an offer subject to a phase 1 environmental study and it has been been accepted.


June 2010testing
So the property didn't pass the phase 1 and needs a phase 2 environmental study as it was a gas station way back when. The BIG RED FLAGS are out. This can cost a fortune to clean up. Do we spend the money on the phase 2 or walk now and save the money? 
July 2010
We have decided that walking away from the property we feel is right for the museum, without knowing exactly what the environmental issues are, would be a bad move. We are going ahead with the phase 2 and praying it’s not too bad. It would be strange to feel God leading us to this place only to find it totally contaminated.
August 2010
The unbelievable has happened. The phase 2 environmental has come out clean. 13 holes were drilled in specific areas of concern including in the middle of the shop floor where there is still an old car lift ram. 
September 2010
Everything is finalized. We take possession May 1 2011. So now we begin the gargantuan tasks of preparing  to move and renovate the building.

This should take a year we hope. We also need to come up with a house to live in.

June 2011

We have possession of the property and construction/renovations have begun.

November 2011: WOW, Where has time gone. I have been working flat out. The outside is almost done. New sign in a few weeks, some more metal and pave the parking lot (this will be done in the spring as its to cold now.) The inside is next. Not sure I can be done to open in May as its a lot bigger job and more costly than I was planning. Welcome to renovations!



March 25, 2012

The sign is up , We have the drywall done and are starting to paint.

Grand opening is May 12, I hope we can get it done.

We Made It!!! Here are some opening day pictures.



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The SPROKKETS CAFE' will be located at the Dreancycle™ Motorcycle Museum.