Motorbike Auction

We are proud to be Iconic Canada West! Dreamcycle Motorcycles has been appointed as the western Canada ambassador for Iconic Motorbikes Auctions in California. Our area covers British Columbia to Manitoba.
We can list your bike for you, handle the photos, keep your bike at our location while the auction runs, assist with transportation and look after the submission. We can also provide bike detailing  to provide the best possible photos for the auction and if your bike has been in storage get it serviced / running before the sale.
We handle large and small collections and estate dispersals.
Iconic Motorbikes Auctions powered by Bike-urious are enthusiasts, collectors, and they “live” motorbikes day in and day out! When it comes to finding, selling or acquiring a motorbike…Iconic Motorbikes is truly your best option! Their focus is to help you find a home for your iconic motorbike Any genre, any year, any style.

How the Auction Works

You can set a reserve amount you want to receive for your motorbike so there is no risk. The auction runs one week online for bidding. If it does not get sold during the auction it will remain online for 60 days for sale at reserve price. There is a $240 +tax listing fee that covers the photos and making up the listing. A 7% +tax sellers fee and a 7% buyer's fee based on the winning bid. After auction of the described motorcycle, the successful buyer will be responsible for any shipping fees (including spare parts), and any other incidental charges incurred by Dreamcycle or Iconic Motorbike Auctions. All sales will be in USD and when your bike has been successfully sold you will receive a cheque in USD.
Reach the huge US /world market through Dreamcycle/Iconic hassle free.
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To see how Iconic Canada West can help you prepare and list your bike with Iconic Motorbikes in California please contact Make Lane at or call (250) 253-5094.